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Build wealth. Find financial freedom. Fight for financial fairness.

Invest the smart way >

Pensions are a thing of the past. Join the investor class.

Investing isn’t hard. In a few simple steps, you can do it yourself. This is important. What you don’t know about money can cost you.

You can download my educational slides here.

Ditch the old ways >

We cling to outdated traditions and ways of life – and we pay for that.

Let’s shine a light on these societal norms that cost us more than they’re worth.

We can do better.

Fight income inequality >

Be loud. Complain. Point out the problem. CEOs don’t need $10M in annual bonuses – we need wages we can actually live on.

Support and invest in companies that treat employees and the environment fairly.

About Ju$t Money Founder & Creator Amber Petrovich

I started self-investing 15 years ago and have made it my mission to help others do the same. Ju$t Money is about building wealth by joining the stock market. Learn how to find financial freedom and discover why fighting for a fair and just economy is so vital, especially now, when our wealth gap is wider than ever.

Keep in mind this site is brand new and a work in progress. It’ll be amazing in a couple of months. I’m not selling anything, just sharing knowledge. Mostly on TikTok, but you can find me on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn too.